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Wulfwald is an RPG set in the world of mythic Anglo-Saxon tales: play a Wolfshead, an outcast adventurer trying to regain a place in society, in a world filled with mythic monsters, dark and dangerous magic, even more dangerous rulers. Wulfwald comes in a boxed set of four booklets, plus a cloth map by Russ Nicholson depicting the Land of Wulfwald. Our team brings together game designers and academic expertise of the Anglo-Saxon and medieval English world, for a richer experience and immersive gameplay.


The player characters in Wulfwald are outsiders and outlaws. Known as Wolfsheads, they are outside the law’s protection. Anyone can harm or even kill them without fear of retribution, like if they killed a wolf. The life of a Wolfshead is a life of fear, mistrust, and privation. In this world being excluded from society is perilous: you might survive, but you will not thrive. Tired of being lone Wolfsheads, the characters work at the service of a Thegn, a noble warrior-lord Together, they form his Wolfpack, a dire weapon to be wielded, and wielded ruthlessly. The game mechanics are Old-School based, and Wulfwald follows a universalist approach, designed to be broadly compatible and played with B/X, OSE, and all other clones. And it's not a retroclone: you bring your own rules, you don't need yet another booklet explaining how to roll to hit, save, or find a secret door.


  • Boxed set of 4 booklets, covering completely new character classes, magic, monsters, and campaign setting. No orcs, magic missiles, +1 swords, or clerics.
  • Cloth map drawn by industry veteran Russ Nicholson, of Fiend Folio, Warhammer, and Warlock of the Firetop Mountain fame.
  • The 12 Wolfsheads are all different classes: four warriors, four skirmishers, four wizards.
  • Each class has a unique selection of abilities and magic powers, developed especially for Wulfwald. Instead of fireballs and magic missiles expect curses, necromancy, and blind rage.
  • Player character progression over 3 levels, based on early game design by Dave Arneson. We will also include a 9 levels progression for B/X, OSE, and other clones.


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